2009 Suzuki SX4 Crossover

2009 Suzuki SX4 Crossover

Versatile and economical

In 2009, the SX4 Crossover Suzuki, With five doors, is the vehicle for four-wheel drive cheaper in the U.S. for the third consecutive year. The SX4 Crossover provides the platform for the World Rally Championship (WRC) Suzuki, is the perfect expression of the DNA of the brand. Click here to see what sort of services Mirror Finish Detail offers

Enjoyable to drive and economical, it is compact on the outside but is roomy and versatile inside, accessible in price but equipped like a vehicle from a higher segment.
The SX4 Crossover given the choice between front-wheel or 4X4 drive. In addition, the intelligent 4×4 system (i-AWD ™) in three ways. Like other crossovers and SUVs from Suzuki, the SX4 Crossover 2009 model features ESP (Electronic Stability Program) standard.

The front-drive version of the SX4 Crossover 2009 is the first vehicle for less than $ 16,000 which includes a fully integrated standard navigation.

Designed with international flavor, hatchback, five-door SX4 Crossover distinguishes while a sport chassis, and now, the availability of standard ESP, help keep you on the road in all driving conditions.
Option packages are affordable and added amenities usually found in the small SUV segment and CUV, including access SmartPass ™ keyless entry and remote start, heated front seats and automatic climate control.

The front-drive variant of the SX4 Crossover to be a new standard as the only vehicle in its category that offers a fully integrated standard navigation.

Known as the Suzuki TRIP by its acronym in English (Travel, Real-time traffic, Information, Play), the SX4′s navigation system is the result of a collaboration with the company Garmin.

Uses the Navteq mapping software with maps that feature millions of points of interest such as hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs and Suzuki dealers across the country
The navigation unit has a touch screen 4.3-inch swing. It is also fully integrated into the vehicle’s audio system, allowing all navigation commands being channeled through the speakers of the SX4.

There is also a Suzuki TRIP system optional Bluetooth for handsfree calling and the ability to use several MSN Direct services, such as reports of real-time traffic, weather forecasts, news reports, local event search and a search of stations gasoline that places the lowest priced fuel in each locality.

The 2.0-liter four-cylinder DOHC 16-valve, developed by Suzuki, gives life to the SX4 Crossover, producing 143 horsepower and 136 pound-feet of torque to provide an amazing driving experience.

It has a five-speed manual transmission as standard equipment and the option of a four-speed automatic transmission specially tuned.

The SX4 Crossover 2009 with front wheel drive and automatic transmission provides an estimated fuel efficiency of 22 mpg city and 30 mpg on the highway, while the 4×4 version, which reaches everywhere and is all-weather, offers 21 mpg city and 28 mpg on the highway.

Dynamic Management
Designed from the ground up to offer four-wheel drive, the SX4 Crossover with i-AWD system has three operating modes Suzuki evokes and promotes a natural sense of genuine enthusiasm that flows spontaneously from the heart and guts.

The i-AWD system uses an electronically controlled device, mounted in front of the rear differential. The driver uses a switch on the console to choose the best way to drive depending on the situation.

The 2WD mode dedicates power to the front wheels to provide the best possible fuel economy in high traction. AWD Auto mode, you assign up to 50

percent of torque to the rear wheels when slippage is pronounced front wheel. AWD Lock mode sends 30-50 percent of torque, as necessary, to the rear wheels to provide optimal traction in slippery conditions. The system automatically switches to AWD Auto AWD at speeds above 36 mph.

Active safety technology in the SX4 Crossover is a leader in its class and now includes as standard ESP with traction control, fog driving day, disc brakes with four-wheel antilock brakes and electronic force distribution braking, as well as monitoring system tire pressure. Together with the traction control system, ESP helps maintain vehicle stability when cornering, accelerating, driving on slippery surfaces or during emergency maneuvers.

Suzuki worked with legendary design house Italdesign to give the SX4 Crossover distinction while functionality. Her waist down, which seems to rise, and triangular windows adjacent to the pillar in the form of “A” gives the SX4 Crossover a distinct profile in a wedge.

Silver covers the front and rear bumpers, black trim of the dashboard, roof rails and fender design of communicating strong traction and agility. A variety of over 50 Suzuki accessories allows customers to personalize the SX4 Crossover and enhance its utility.

The interior of the SX4 Crossover is efficiently designed to provide comfort for five passengers, with plenty of legroom and front and rear shoulders, allowing the driver and passengers enjoy the ride.

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