5 Internet Security Lies You Shouldn’t Trust Upon

5 Internet Security Lies You Shouldn’t Trust Upon

You look so tired of the people that are constantly getting in your face about the matters of browsing safely OR safe transactions. chat with random people Isn’t it so? All such warnings which are actually good for nothing prove to be an absolute waste of your time. Clicking on the ads and browsing the websites has never been biased till you have an antivirus installed into your system. All these messages and communications just lead you waste your time.

Its time for you to change your mind about internet security and just get it going when a superb antivirus is there to resolve your problems. When there are solutions then why do we care of such fakes things? It’s Better you keep yourself miles away from the following internet security lies. I am saying so because if any of them is trusted by you, then you may become a victim of an anonymous. So take them lightly and don’t trouble yourself in believing them.

1: Don’t trust on this very common security lie that says “the lock icon can protect you”.

Yes I am not lying because when you happen to browse the unsecured websites and there is a locked icon, you presume that you would be safe. But let me tell you this illuminating lock icon is not at any cost safe for you. Sometimes such icons are created by the hackers to grasp their victims. So you need to beware of them and ensure your safety by all means.

2: Who says that adult sites are dangerous from security point of view?

They are absolutely not. Those who create such websites are mostly the famous webmasters. So they know well the value of protecting their visitors. I know some adult and gambling websites that can be prove to be dangerous but it doesn’t mean that all of them are so.

3: I have an antivirus installed so why do I get another?

Well this is the question which usually comes into our mind in one way or the other. Most of the people don’t bother to get their antivirus software installed, no matter if they have been expired. How can a dead person keep you safe from the severity? It’s nothing but a joke. Similarly an outdated antivirus by no means is going to protect your computer and your data. So its better you get a fresh version.

4: My passwords are secured. Are you thinking the same?

If so then you are mistaking. The hackers have nothing hidden from them either it is your password or transaction details. You can not say that your passwords are protected because they can be hacked any time. The most convenient option for you is to keep on changing your passwords. By doing this, you can ensure your protection on the internet.

5: Files downloading is the way to infect my computer.

But to be honest it is not. The infection can come in any way. It is not necessary that it comes only with the files you download. Getting the solution of your problem by having some protection measures is the best option.

I am sure after reading this article, you would be feeling relaxed and have realized that making the above mentioned lies a part of our life is nothing but a headache.

I know you might also have some other tips to add along with this once listed above, just feel free to list them in the comment box, by doing this we will take a look at it one after the other.

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