What the Experts Say about Washing Baby Clothing

What the Experts Say about Washing Baby Clothing

hand-washMost parents have at least heard stories of people who washed their newborn clothing in detergent and their baby got a rash as a result. The baby may be allergic to the detergent or simply have sensitive skin, but it isn’t as common a problem as many people think. In fact, many baby experts say there isn’t a need to wash the baby clothes separately or with a separate detergent.

There are plenty of baby detergents out there, made to be suitable for babies with sensitive skin and allergies, but they may not be necessary. Mary Spraker, who is a pediatric dermatologist, says that regular detergent should be fine for the new baby’s clothes. She says it doesn’t matter how small the baby is, unless the baby has a sensitivity of some kind, the regular detergent won’t harm the baby.

Many parents go out of their way to wash the baby clothes separately and to use special, expensive detergents for the newborn clothing. After a few months, they might not be so concerned about it, as the baby’s skin tends to clear up by that point. It’s common for a baby to have splotchy skin for a while after they are first born, and some parents may mistake this for an allergic reaction or a sensitivity problem that relates to the detergent.

What experts like Mary Spraker recommend is to simply ensure that the detergent is fully washed off the newborn clothing. All those clothes bought at retailers like newborn clothing can be put in with the regular laundry for the rest of the family, but it is a good idea to ensure the baby clothes are rinsed well.

Deposits of detergent that are left behind on the clothes can cause irritations. This may not happen often, but its frequency will depend on the kind of washer that is used, the condition of the washer and how the laundry is washed. To avoid this problem entirely, experts suggest using liquid detergent instead of powdered detergent.
While plenty of parents still separate newborn clothing and use special detergents to protect their baby’s skin, many of them are starting to learn that all of that hassle isn’t necessary.

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